Tonga and Fiji
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Tonga: Located more than a thousand miles northeast of New Zealand, Tonga is just below the Tropic of Capricorn in the South Pacific Ocean. From Neiafu there are many spots that are within two hours sailing distance. Like many parts of the equatorial islands of the world, Tonga offers spectacular beaches for swimming, surfing and fishing in addition to sailing. Here, the sun is seen rising first of every day as the International Date Lineis close to the Tongan islands.  In Tonga tapu swimming is unfavorableas the beaches are protected by a coral reef.  Snorkeling is anotherlight sports that is enjoyable in crystalline Tongan waters.  In Ha'apaithe beaches are starchy white making them very attractive indeed for anywater/beach sports, or for a leisurely stroll.  The waters are stunningly clear making fishing an immensely popular and productive activity to bepartaken with family or friends alike. 

Fiji: The Fijian Archipelago has more than 330 islands tossed about in a 90,000 square mile area. Nadi is the gateway to these islands.  Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands which are very picturesque lie to the northwest of Nadi.  Sailingin these islands formed by ancient volcanic activity is a unique and thrilling experience that even seasoned sailors look forward to undertake. Coral formation in the water and palm trees on land beautify these islands like pearls on a necklace.  The Fijian culture is alive and active within the native people and this on display through lively shows, skitsand dance performances scattered throughout the islands.  Musket Cove,and the lovely Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands of Fiji are among the sailinghot-spots that you should not miss if you decide to sail in the South Pacific.