The Seychelles
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If there is a group of islands that are a thousand miles away from anywhere, then they are The Seychelles.  This group comprises more than a hundred islands just south of the equator in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar (off-Africa).  Originally occupied by the French andthe British and gaining independence in 1976, these magnificent islandsare home to the most beautiful sun-drenched sandy beaches of the world,not to mention some rare birds and plants.  The close proximity ofthese islands to each other make them an ideal place to sail.  Temperatures average 28 degrees Celsius all year round.  The Seychelles is also one of  the closest area for tourists from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  Major international airlines carry passengers in jumbo-jetsto and from Port Victoria, the capital of Seychelles which is located onthe large island of Mahe.  An increasing number of tourists have been visiting this spot steadily and about 500,000 areprojected to visit in the next 3 years. 

"Quality Tourism" is the motto of the Seychelles people, and this is well suited to the sailing enthusiast.  Your destinations includethe island of La Digue, Mahe and Praslin, the latter which is northeast of Mahe and is home to a rich tropical forest.  Here, indulge in pleasurable activities such as snorkeling, diving, plain swimming or sun bathing on its rich coastline.  On La Digue, which is composed of sandy beaches and high-rising rocky cliffs, you can relax in harmony with the tranquilsettings.  Even the roads have sparse traffic, and you will not be disturbed except by a passing bicyclist or a meandering oxcart.  Forthe diving enthusiast, plenty of shops abound with the latest diving gear. The island also harbors giant tortoises as if to set the pace of life there. 

The tourist is well served with a host of high-class and moderate hotelsand restaurants.  Car rentals on Mahe are available aplenty as aretaxi services.  You just have to bring yourself to the islands toenjoy this "icing on the cake".