Why Charter a Crewed Yacht?
Total Control:  Take charge of your vacation!  From beginning to end.  You decide what you want out of your vacation.  A multitude of activities await you.  So do a host of destinations.  Ask your captain to navigate to the area of your choice.  If you see a secluded beach, take your yacht there to enjoy a relaxing swim.  Snorkel, scube dive or fish at will, not by some pre-arranged schedule!  If you feel tired of the water, explore the islands.  Roam around in a tropical forest, or take a trek to loosen up, or simply enjoy a water-fall. 

Affordable:  An extra bonus on top of total control is affordability.  The overall cost per person of chartering a yacht is comparable with that of a stay in a five star hotel, a luxury cruise liner or a top-quality villa.  Best of all, you can change your view anytime you wish.  Everything is private, no crowds to share your private moments or long lines to wait for an ala-carte dinner! 

Safe:  Boatz 'n Yachtz recommended yachts have high safety standards, like the 1998 MSA Code which is being introduced to ensure all UK flagged yachts meet exceptional safety standards.  We make every effort to offer you sound advice and guidance in order to ensure your safety.  We also use CYBA's (Charter Yacht Brokers Association) charter yacht escrow account for your charter fee transactions so you have a guarantee that your money is safe along with your charter.  Boatz 'n Yachtz is proud to announce that we use MYBA-WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms), SEMT (Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms) and SCT (Standard Caribbean Terms) for charter bookings. 

Private:  A luxury yachting holiday has many advantages, the greatest of which is privacy!  If you own a beautiful yacht, you may enjoy it only in the vicinity of the area you live in.  So if you get tired of the view from the deck, or if the nearby beach is too crowded or you simply need a change, look for a yachting vacation outside of your area!  We arrange your holiday where every detail is tailored to suit your personal requirements so that you have the time of your life, every day that you sail.  This is our secret little gift to you.  A special holiday with a difference; different from all the vacations you have ever taken before. 

All you need to do now is choose a destination.  Visit our destination page for more information, or you may already have a clear idea of where you wish to cruise.  Ask us for a selection of itineraries suggested by most experienced yacht charter captains.  It will be only a small sample of the many itineraries, all of which can be adapted to meet your own requirements.  

Ask us for the beautiful motor and sail yachts available many with attractive last minute discounts.  You can also make early season bookings as they get booked fast.  We can hold a tentative reservation for your group on a yacht that you have always dreamt of with no down payment.  The Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia and the Pacific are there for you to explore in winter. 

Whichever yacht you select, or destination you choose, you are assured the greatest sailing vacation.  Boatz 'n Yachtz' staff with our crew friends wish you all a swell time aboard.

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