The Bahamas
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The Bahamas:  This is an exclusive sailing area very close to the United States of America.  Here, the gleaming turquoise waters of the Sea of Abaco lure you to sail & frolic.  Swimming, snorkeling and diving are the most popular sporting activities for young& old in these warm waters.  There is a preponderance of marinelife including colorful coral and tropical fishes, as well as the intelligent dolphins who swim nearby.  On the Atlantic side, miles and miles of sandy beaches are protected by a barrier reef.  Periodic gaps in thereef create superb locations for surfing.  The Abacos are a sailing paradise.  With about 120 miles of islands and cays to explore, anentire lifetime is not enough to discover and enjoy the most beautiful beaches and tiny villages that the Bahamas offers.  You can also enjoy reef fishing while you are here, if you prefer.  Or, you may visit Sandy Cay and Pelican Cay National Park underwater preserves for visual enjoyment and satisfaction.