Australia and Whitsunday Islands
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Australia's Whitsunday Island:
This sailing area lies just north-east of the Australian continent and very close to it.  Being in the southern hemisphere, its warmer temperatures are between the months October to April.  Generally, the region is a great sailing spot with average yearly temperatures between 72 and 85 degrees Celcius.  East-southeast winds prevail at 15-18 knots, ideal for sailing.   Although this is generally true, do not be surprised by quick shifts in wind directions and also in tides, the latter which tend to go up & down greater than most people are accustomed to.  Winds are quitelight during the summer months.

You should try and explore the world famous Great Barrier Reef Marine Park “The 100 magic miles” here.  It is the largest coral formation on the planet.  Enjoy the white sandy beaches on Shaw Island or snorkel at Butterfly Bay on Hook Island.  Explore more than70 islands while you sail here.  Whether you start from Sydney Harboror Pittwater, these Australian islands have never been better seen. Back on the main land, you can enjoy shopping in Sydney, or sip a finewine at a Pittwater; the "World Under" welcomes you for your dream sailing vacation. 

From the air, and below the water: When you book through us, we can offer special seaplane packages that takeyou over the Great Barrier Reef which is vast in size, and therefore easily traveled by air.  These trips take you to the "best" locales suchas the Hardy Lagoon where glass-covered vessels then take you close tothe magnificant coral and colorful fishes.  You may either swim, snorkel,or take a beach walk while you are there.  Prices range between 60to 200 Australian dollars depending upon your tour package.  Callus for details.